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Lexikón provides translation and localization services in all major European languages for both large businesses and translation agencies all over the world.


Our team consists of a number of in-house experienced translators, editors and proofreaders plus a large network of highly qualified freelance language professionals. Established since 1996, we offer a solid experience in the translation industry.




Our mission is to offer specialized translation and localization services to global market oriented companies, helping them to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers in a cost-effective way, while constantly improving our service quality.




 Our core values are:


  • a passion for ongoing self-improvement; 
  • flexibility and openness to change;
  • compliance to client specifications;
  • respect for both our clients and our people;
  • always communicate with both our clients and our people in a clear, honest and transparent manner;
  • always preserve the confidentiality of all information acquired during a translation project;
  • fully meet all quality requirements from our clients.




Our linguists and partners in general help us to gain and build competitive advantage through their skills, accuracy and professionalism. We always try to promote their professional development to ensure that we remain responsive to a rapidly changing world. Lexikón is committed to continuous learning and development of its entire staff.